Liquid cargo terminal

The barreling station, which is situated at our warehouse, performs liquid cargo filling with a productive capacity of 12 tons per hour. This service is in demand by our clients, who use rail tank cars to deliver liquid freights to Riga. The pouring of liquid cargo into smaller volume containers (e. g. into flexitanks, barrels) provides an opportunity to further transport the cargo by sea or by road. In some cases, this mode of transport is the only way to deliver the cargo to the final customer and in most cases reduces the shipping costs and delivery time.

For products with high density and viscosity and in cold weather, we can use a steam generator to heat cargo in rail tank cars.

During the pouring of cargos the railway tank cars are on the railway track owned by Trans Trades Logistics, which significantly reduces customer’s costs.

Trans Trades Logistics has all necessary permissions for the work with various chemical freights.

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