Customs brokerage services

To resolve customs issues during the transit of freights through the territory of the Republic of Latvia, our clients can apply to one of the departments of customs brokers on the territory of our customs warehouse and in the Freeport of Riga.

The customs broker services include:
Import  to the European Union;
Export from the European Union;
Closure of Euroimport and re-registration of freights;
The opportunity to perform customs clearance of freights to any country of the European Union with a zero VAT rate.

The company Trans Trades Logistics has all necessary guarantees in order to render the full range of customs services in EU, certificates and permissions for simplified freight declaration (without the presence of customs).

As of 2010, Trans Trades Logistics has the certificate of an Authorized Economic Operator (АЕО) under number LV AEOF 9999100005 – Customs Simplifications / Security and Safety and can use the advantages of this status throughout the whole territory of the European Union.

Our experienced specialists competently and operatively will help you in the resolution of issues related to freight import in the European Union countries, in settling all formalities related to freight export from the European countries, as well as in the registration of the full document package for freight transportation.

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